V4 Solutions

Main Menu

From this main screen you can open or create new rotas.

Also, via the data menu, you can access the following options.

To create a new rota, Click New Rota from the File menu or toolbar.

Select the date range for the Rota. It will default to a 4 week period starting on the following Monday (or Saturday or Sunday, and for however many weeks you specify in the preferences).

The Advanced Options are used to customize the Rota contents (you can change both default settings in the Preferences).

When "Use Fixed Shift Patterns" is not checked, the staff shift patterns will be ignored, and the rota will start as a blank slate. This is useful if you want to create a completely new shift pattern structure, or if you want to do what-if analysis.

When "Include All Staff in Rota" is not checked, the rota will start out completely empty, and you will be prompted to include the staff you want to include (see Adding Staff to a Rota). Again, this is useful for what-if analysis, or if you have a very large staff list that you want to break into more manageable chunks.

When you select Open Rota you will be prompted to select the file which contains the rota you want open.

Follow this link to learn more about working with Rotas.