V4 Solutions


The staff diary allows you to pre-book events in the future. These will be incorporated into any rota you create which covers that period. This is useful for planning for busy periods or booking staff holidays and training courses.

By right clicking any day for any member of staff, you can pre-book either a status or a shift for that day. You can also set comments to explain.

Clicking Generate Preview will calculate the rota for the period shown, based on the staff working patterns, so that you can see what other staff will be doing that day, and make further adjustments and comments where necessary.

When a diary entry is incorporated into a rota, the diary indicator will be displayed in the rota cell (see below). The tooltip for the cell will also include the details of the diary entry. Note that diary entries can be overridden by the user's updating the rota, but that the diary indicator will remain as a reminder that the diary entry existed.