V4 Solutions

Adding Staff to a Rota

When you create an empty rota (uncheck the Include all staff option in the New Rota options), the Add Staff To Rota window will appear.

This list will represent all of the staff who are available to be added to the rota. If you double click on the name of a staff group or a member of staff, they will be added to the rota file immediately. You can also select multiple items and then click the Add to Rota button.

The Use Fixed Shift Patterns is used to specify whether the staff you are about to add will be included with their shift pattern.

If you add someone by accident, or want more control over who is included in the rota, see the Advanced Options.

If you close this window and want to add more staff to the rota, you can open it again via the View menu or Tool bar "Show Add Staff Window" options.