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Oriador Multi-User Pricing

Oriador Rota multi-user pricing has been designed to make multi-user purchasing simpler and more affordable for most customers. If you need to use Oriador Rota on more than one PC, the multi-user license price is US$949. We don't mind how many PCs you install the software on, as long as they are all used to manage/view the same overall list of staff (please read the Multi-User Licensing Terms below).

To order a multi-user license, simply add the option to your shopping cart during the online order process.

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Multi-user Licensing Terms

The Multi-user license is not for everyone. The license is based on a group of users managing the rotas/rostering of a single Oriador staff list. Distributed organisations, with multiple rostering teams or managers, need to buy a copy (possibly even a multi-user copy) for each Oriador staff list they are operating.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for the simple Multi-user pricing, or would like to discuss a tailored quote for your scenario, please or call +44(0)203 286 1236.

Existing customers can upgrade their single user Oriador Rota licenses to multi-user licenses here.


System Requirements: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT4 or Windows Vista.