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Staff Planning and Security Issues

Interact Objects Ltd (IaO) in collaboration with V4 Solutions Ltd (V4) and Jonata Technology Limited (JTL) are producing a range of interactive products for Enterprise Planning and Integration solutions. This is based on a platform created using the concept of the Collaborative Knowledge Broker (CKB) being developed by JTL and the InterAct Object Management System (IaOMS) into which intelligent agents and products can be plugged to create Best Fit solutions for clients across different market sectors.

One such product is Oriador, a Staff Resource Planning solution that can be configured and used by any enterprise or organisation that need to plan its human resource activity and staffing levels, both in the short and long term.

This document will look at some of the principal factors in staff resource planning and the potential areas in which it can be used, including its potential use in areas where there are security issues.

This document looks at the following

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