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A hidden agenda in the concept of a good planning system is in aspects of security and quality assurance. In a world that is increasingly mobile and offering the possibilties of working remotely from the workplace or being educated at A distance (Teleworking) new issues are brought to bear regarding the overall security and trust in the system, from the point of view of both employer and employee, and also in the general platform.

Security issues can be dealt with in part by technological algorythms that control identity through passwords and other techniques such as biorythms, voice recognition, fingerprinting, physical identification ....etc. v This is backed up by other technologies of encryption, firewalls, virtual private networks and a host of other systems. These guard against attack from unknown sources (viruses, hackers ....) and potentially known sources (employees etc ) These must be backed up by an adequate legal framework.

There are however certain issues that can be monitored using a good planning system. A good planning system should take into account best work practices, quality controls,and the physical requirements (in terms of location, skill and time) to carry out tasks. This can set up a framework upon which predicted behaviour can be managed. This in turn creates a model upon which alarms can be strategically placed if behaviour goes outside expected parameter. should also integrates with whatever security technology and services are already in place.

Some examples have arisen where a good planning system could impact upon the security within organisations. Apart from the fact that there is the aspect of security against fraud, malicious, criminal and violent behaviour there are the hidden aspects. For example in banks there is the need to keep staffing levels in different areas at an optimum to ensure maximum surveillance and mutual support between staff. This is a background, environmental issue which comes under best practices and safety at work. This requires attention to the numbers of people available at any time in a given area, and must take into account absenteeism, the work the employers have to carry out and other variable factors. If an employee is to carry out a particular task, that hasa higher security risk - for example any task that involves the physical contact with money - then those tasks should have reasonable parameterslinked to them, how many people are involved, what is a reasonable timespan for the job, how many clients are in the bank etc.

At the same time it is possible to see if there are physical possibilities to certain actions. If a person declares himself present in one location and then is traced as using the system from another, without the physical possibility of being able to move between the locations in the time span between the two events then there is a problem. A recent event of ATM card fraud came to light as a result of subsequent client complaints, when a number of cards were cloned at two ATM mAchines in the town of Treviso. The cards had been issued by two banks, and were sunsequently used in Croatia, Rumania and Spain. A planning of the bejhaviour of card usage (and therefore human behaviour) may have been able to pick up on the phenomenon of many people from a provincial town in Italy suddenly deciding to travel to specific places.

Another area where the security issue can be seen is wherever there are activities and services carried out at the clients' homes, for example in health and community care. Here the issues are to be seen from the poiint of view of the organisation operating the service, the carer and the client. The organisation wishes to maintain the best possible service remunerating the carer for the work carried out and therefore needs to organise the visits in an optimal manner, but needs to know if the service has actually been carried out. The carer needs to have the correct information and equipment to carry out the work, but also would need some form of assurance that help is available should anything untoward happen and the client needs to receive the correct treatment and be assured of the credentials of the carer. These issues can be resolved through a correct planning and communication mechanism.

Good staff resource planning can help in the resolution of a number of issues in the area of security by integrating security technologies, best practices and quality assurance, communication within an organisation in a timely manner. This would be to the benefit of all the players, the organisation or company, the employee or consultant and the client.

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