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Integrated Staff Resource Planning

Staff Resource Planning is the process of creating the staffing requirements for enterprises and organisations based upon the availability of adept human resources in response to the requirements of the business activity in a given period of time.

The scope is to ensure that at any given time there is an optimal use of resources. This is achieved when there are sufficient resources to carry out the tasks in hand, and at the same time all the available resources are being used. The planning can be carried out in the Long, medium and short term, with the level of detail and criticity of staff availability increasing when the plan concerns the immediate future.

The creation of Staff Rotas are advantageous to all types of enterprise, small or large, even where the business processes are repetitive. The Staff Rota is an administrative and organisational instrument. When there are many variables in an organisation the use of a specialised planning system becomes more important and the Staff Rota can become a means of communication with the workforce.

Staff Resource Planning however is not simply the production and publication of Staff Rotas. It is the art of matching the skills required for achieving business goals. This merges a number of variables: the business process, the skills required by the process, the human resources with the skills, the calendar and the availability of the resource; into a period of time.

The periods have a start point and and end point represented by dates (years, months, weeks, days) and time (hours, minutes, seconds, ..) and can also represent instances in time. The period is the key reference point and is represented by the TimeLine which acts as a point of reference. This is where the potential for the point of integration lies.

Integrated Staff Resource Planning has an important effect on all organisations where there are multiple business processes in which resources may be shared across many different activities:

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