V4 Solutions

Rota Properties

Here you can change the preferences for this rota, adjusting the first day of the week and the timeline window (see Preferences). You can also adjust the date range covered by the rota by clicking the Change Rota Date Range link.

You can also control the access levels for the rota, and/or set a password.

When another Oriador Rota user opens your rota files in their copy of Oriador Rota, the level of access available to them is controlled by the options you select on this screen. By default they will have read access only. You can deny them read access completely, or limit access to users who you give your password to.

As well as determining whether you can read a rota file or not, you can control which parts of the rota can be updated. For example, you may create a rota for your staff but want a supervisor in another building to update the hours worked and attendance details as the rota days go by. For this you could enable Read, Comments, Attendance and Hours in the rota properties.

When the rota is opened in your own copy of Oriador Rota, the access levels are governed by the user's security level, unless the rota is password protected.