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Oriador Rota Version History

8th February 2008 --> Version 1.5
New sort options: Start Time: Earliest (earliest start in visible period), and Start Time: Initial. These sort the rota view by the staff start time, these are very useful when looking at the single day view.
New Calendar Month view option, shows an entire month at a time.
Attendance information now has visible impact on the Rota view and the Roles view, there is a view option to disable this new feature.
All Day statuses are now represented in the Status View. The "Not Working"/"Day Off" status is not shown.
9 New reports split by Employee Type.
5 New Timesheet reports split by Staff.
New staff pay reports split by month.
New Refresh Read Only Files option. When a file is opened in read only mode, the system will monitor the file for changes by another user and reload when necessary.
New Auto Backup option for .rota files and the Oriador.dat data file. When saving, the previous copy of each file will be retained with the extention ".backup". This is activated by default.
New redundant copy option for .rota files and the Oriador.dat data file. When saving, you can request that the software save a second copy in a backup directory somewhere. You have to activate this setting in the preferences if you want to use it.
A new "Show Role Color" view menu option, this will show the Role color where appropriate, but revert to the Status color in all other cases. The previous option has been renamed "Show Role Color Only".
You can now have the web export option without the colors.
Fix: When right clicking the name of a member of staff in the rota view, sometimes the menu to change their shifts would show, instead of the reset and sorting options.
Fix: The first column on the diary screen didn't work.
New customization option: remove non-working statuses from the "By Role" reports. This allows you to print the Rota By Role reports without showing staff on annual leave or training.
New customization option: hide all day statuses in Status View.
New customization option: show all day "not working" in the status view.

12th November 2007 --> Version 1.4.5
Added new Maximum Hours basis options to the Auto Schedule. Instead of just specifying maximum weekly hours, you can now specify maximum average weekly hours, maximum hours per calendar month, maximum hours in the current schedule file, or maximum hours in the selected time period.
You can also access the Auto Schedule wizard from the Analysis Reports menu, under Rule & Requirement Reporting.
Fixed sort order on Rota By Role Web Page Export.

2nd August 2007 --> Version 1.4.4
Added "Rota With Roles (Role Color only)" report.
Changed the way the Roles view's "Bring in" options work when not using fixed shift patterns.
Fixed some left over captions to say "Employee Type", instead of the former "Employment Category".
Fixed a problem with the "Find Suitable Staff" option after the active rota file was changed.

23rd June 2007 --> Version 1.4.3
New Timesheet reports, showing breakdowns of Role and/or Status information. This can also be exported to Excel.
There was a problem with the the Rota (Split by Role/Status) reports, this has been fixed.
New Report: Rota with Shift Names.
New options to show status captions on items in the timeline, and to show captions on the timelines in the Status/Roles Views.
The Short Description field for the Status is now in wider use.
You can now use the Short Descriptions on the Rota Reports, for more compact/tidier printing.
The Ruler has been expanded to show more markers/times as the available space increases.
New default: Rota By Role report is sorted by time. The former behaviour (by name only) can be restored via a preferences option.
The Reset options now show a popup window offering further options, such as date selection and the ability to ignore days that have been edited.
There is now an option in the Set Shift menu to "Restore Shift Pattern Day". This is like Reset, but can be used more quickly and on a more flexible selection of days, and it doesn't restore diary entries.
The Restore Diary Day option can be used to recover a diary entry that has been replaced/modified in the rota.
There is now an option in the Employment Category to determine how Paid hours are calculated in the event of all day statuses (Holiday, Vacation, Training etc.). Using the new setting, the paid hours will be calculated based on the hours normally allocated to the member of staff from the shift pattern. They used to use the preset "Default Paid Hours" setting from the Employment Category. The new option is enabled by default for new users, but existing users will need to activate it on a per Category basis.

17th April 2007 --> Version 1.4.2
Fixed: Total wasn't printed on Detailed/Custom Analysis report .

28th March 2007 --> Version 1.4.1
Fixed a problem when extending rota files that have had their first day of week changed.
Added date selectors to the "Save Rota to Staff Patterns" window. This allows a staff shift pattern to be created from a selected section of a rota file, rather than just the entire file as before.
Added a customisation option to make the Shifts Toolbar "Add" shifts to a day, rather than "Set" the shift. "Set" clears any existing shift for the day, whereas "Add" allows multiple shifts to be added to the same day.
A few recently added reports weren't hidden/disabled when they should have been.

23rd March 2007 --> Version 1.4
Added Split by Group versions of the main Timesheet, Rota, and Rota By Role reports.
Added Split By Status and Split By Role Rota reports, plus a color version of each.
New Itemized Analysis Report, to report instances of Role allocation, Status, Absence. Can be split by Group or Staff, and can include Staff Pay details. Can also be exported to Excel.
The Timesheet Excel Exporter can now export the Staff Pay report information.
Absence Reasons can now be flagged as unpaid, in which case the hours for the day will be set to zero when the reason is applied. Also, each Absence Reason can have it's own pay multiplier, which will override value in the Staff Pay Scale.
Added a version of the Staff Calendar report which includes total hours worked.
Added a version of the Rota By Staff report which includes total hours worked.
Added easy access to the Sort and Split options in the Rota, Roles and Status views. Can now be changed via the right mouse button menu in the staff/role/status name areas.
Added a staff address mail merge export option.
New option: the Add Shift Menu.
New option: Show "Week Ending" instead of "Week Commencing" in the weekly reports.
Added a Role Color version of the color rota report.
Fixed a problem with the status view when the Allowed Roles option was selected.
Fixed a problem with the Save Rota to Staff Patterns option.
Fixed a problem with the Rota By Staff Report when the report comments option was selected.

21st February 2007 --> Version 1.3.1
Added a continuous version of the Rota By Staff report.
Added a Public Holiday column to the Timesheets exports.
Changed Bank Holiday to Public Holiday.
Added Split By Role/Status to the default View Options in the Preferences.
Fixed a problem with locked rota files and multiple saves (if you are using the rota file locking option, this is an important update).

4th February 2007 --> Version 1.3
New: Status View. This is like the Roles view, but split by Status. There are also new Split By options.
New Report: Rota By Status.
Statuses can now be manually sorted.
The default data directory was changed (first time users only, existing users will still use all of their existing files).

29th December 2006 --> Version 1.2.8
The improved Auto Scheduler now takes account of the new Role Priorities feature.
New Auto Scheduler option to use staff shift patterns to force a day off. This allows the auto scheduler to do 4 days on, 4 days off (for example), or to enforce an alternate weekends off system.
New Auto Scheduler option to make sure staff work the same shift all week, no switching between shifts from day to day.
NOTE: Changes to the defaults for the recently added pay reports, and three new options to re-activate the previous method: the Overtime multiplier is now only used for working time (other hours, such as holidays, will always be listed at their stated rate). The Bank Holiday multiplier will also only apply to working time. Finally, the Bank Holiday multiplier will not be applied in cases of absence. Options to re-activate each of the former methods can be found on the Customisations page of the Preferences. If you have any questions or comments about any of these changes, or have further suggestions, please get in touch.

12th December 2006 --> Version 1.2
Now supports all possible First Day of Week options.
Roles list can now be sorted by seniority.
Added Sort By Default Role Seniority option.
Added Sort By PayrollID option.
New View Option: highlight changed shifts.
New View Option: hide unused roles.
New View Option: show role level graphs.
New report: Pay reports split by day.
New report: Pay reports using one rate for weekdays and the second rate for weekends.
New report: Compacted version of the staff calendar.
New report: Sign in/Sign out sheet.
New export option: 15 minute staff levels export.
Auto Schedule(beta) is more respectful of diary settings.
New Rota file locking option for multiple users.
Payroll ID is now displayed in some Staff listings.
New default options for Print Preview and Select Date Range.
It is now possible to exclude certain days of the week from rota reports.
It is now possible to choose to reset only unchanged days during the reset (preferences option must be selected).
The staff level graphs can now show an average staff level for the day.
Other Misc. tweaks and fixes.

16th September 2006 --> Version 1.1
New Auto Schedule feature, accessed via the Data menu.
Added some sample data, accessed via the Help->Sample Data menu, to help new users play with something right away.
Added web export version of the Staff Calendar report.
Added simple financial values to payscales, and staff pay reports.
Added new caption options.
Added Role Short Description field.
Added Role caption display in time items.
Added Shortcut keys for common menu items.
Comments now show in cell tooltips, day comments now show as column header tooltips.
Added sort by length of service.
Added Complete rota breakdown export option, great for adding value via external data systems.
Added new view default options to the preferences.
Added printer margins options.
Added simple scaling support to stop certain reports getting too wide for the page.

6th July 2006 --> Version
Fixed minor problems with the Staff Summary Report and some printer drivers. Also, added startup code to react to invalid configuration file, and extended the maximum comment length from 50 to 255 characters.

2nd June 2006 --> Version 1.0.7
Added Import Staff menu option. Text, Excel and Access files can be used to import staff.
Added Bulk Staff Update. Allows multiple delete/update of staff properties.
Added Staff Summary Report
Added Staff Calendar Report
Added Half Hourly version of Hourly Rota and Staff Levels Reports
Added a new preferences option in the customisations tab: Set hours to zero when setting to absent.
Added a new config file option, which allows the working directory to be changed. May be needed for terminal services when users don't have write access to the programs main folder. Sample Config File: update this sample file to include the desired working directory, and copy the file to the Oriador Rota directory.
New preferences & defaults. When opening rota, the new default is to prompt before synchronising an old rota file, this can be disabled in the Preferences. You can also tell the software to never synchronise old rota files, via the preferences. Also, rather than opening as read only, rota files that aren't synchronised now open as if they are from a different copy, but have all the available permissions granted. It's a cut down editing mode.
Delete Staff button now asks if you're sure, suggesting you change the end date if you want to preserve old records.
Added Duplicate Staff context menu option creates a duplicate copy of the selected staff. Useful for templating etc.
Added new tooltip to staff skill search window.
Fixed a problem with rota reports and closed days in the rota.

18th March 2006 --> Version
Fixed a couple of minor issues in the Staff search form.
Fixed a problem with Insert Timeline Item function in the Staff Details form.
Added a new export option: export start and end times to Excel.

2nd February 2006 --> Version 1.0.6
Added drop down icons to the Group level graphs in the roles view.
Fixed the sort order for the Ungrouped staff group (should always have been last, consistent with Unallocated role).
Removing a role from staff details now enables Apply button.
The Web Export can now be split by staff group.
Fixed a small bug in report row printing.
Added Comments on reports option. When activated via preferences, adds your comments to the rota report footers.
Staff availability report added. Also see Staff search option from the toolbar and view menu. Double clicking or clicking Allocate button will allocate the staff to the selected role.
When a single report row was too long to print on a single page (was rare) it was truncated and anything beyond the first page was lost. The row should now continue on the next page.
US Date formats can now be used throughout. There were some places where the date format was fixed to the UK Day/Month format, now you can chose to use Month/Day in all of those places.
12 hour clock option can be selected. This changes all times to hh:mm AP/PM. Both this option and the new date format option are both in the preferences.
New Report font size options added larger and maximum options.
Theres a new option to export the basic rota reports to excel.
Fixed a bug in the Hourly Rota Report.
The print preview dialog print button just prints the entire report, added new menu options to print the current page or change the page selection.
There's a new progress form that pops up when something time consuming happens during rota creation.
Added a "c" shortcut key to the rota forms to open the comments window.
Before, if Active Timeline is selected, clicking a whole day status cell, like Not Working, would just select the cell. Now, you can click and drag to create new hours in all cells.
You can change the length of a rota file after you've created it. This lets you extend or shorten an existing rota (via Rota Properties).
Rotas without shift patterns. You can now create a rota and choose not to use the shift pattern. This useful when you've just set up a staff list and you want to define their shift pattern in a rota file. You get a blank slate to work with.
Include All Staff option. The biggest new feature in this version. When you create a new rota you can also choose whether to include all staff. If you don't include all staff, you get an empty rota and the Add Staff to Rota window will automatically popup (it's also available from the view menu and the toolbar). This gives you a list of all groups and all available staff, double clicking, or selecting then clicking the Add to Rota button, will include the selection in the rota file. The Use Fixed Patterns check box indicated whether or not you want the staff you're adding to be given fixed shift patterns or not.
Updated the Rulers to reflect the new 12/24 hour clock options, and to take account of changes to the daily start and end time.

2nd December 2005 --> Version
Minor fixes. Some dialog windows didn't respond to Esc key.

11th November 2005 --> Version 1.0.5
New feature, Staff Roles.
Minor tweaks.

7th November 2005 --> Version
New, Improved Features for working with multiple staff lists.
Minor tweaks.

26th October 2005 --> Version
New Reports, Overtime, Staff Levels, Hourly Rota.
New Export Option, Staff Levels.
New Date Range option on Exports.
New option, Create a Staff Pattern from Rota.
New preferences option, Default Rota Length.
Can now have Saturday as First Day of Week.
Minor tweaks.

21st October 2005 --> Version
Minor tweaks and fixes.
Forum Link added to help menu.
Some labels changed to be more intuitive.

19th October 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 8
New Allowed Roles Report.

30th September 2005 --> Version
New export options and reports.
Minor Fixes and some new Preferences.

23rd September 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 7
Minor Fixes and some new Preferences.

17th May 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 6
New Reports added Rota By Staff and Rota with Roles By Staff.

15th May 2005 --> Version
Fix for Change Timeline permissions issue.

15th May 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 5
Fix for Change Timeline permissions issue.

7th May 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 4
Some new sub-rules added.
Synchronised with minor changes from V1.0.3.3.
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26th April 2005 --> Version
Changed some default settings.
Existing users don't need to download.

17th April 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 3
Additional rules added in response to customer feedback: Day Off Before Shift, Day Off After Shift, Minimum Days Off together, Maximum Days Off together, Maximum Consecutive Days work, Minimum Consecutive Days work.
Add XP Visual Styles.
Many minor improvements to Rule Processing accuracy.
Added custom logos and page selection to reports, as per
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21st February 2005 --> Version
Several cosmetic issues resolved.
Role, Status and Absence Analysis reports added.
Reports overhauled, can now select pages to print.
Logo added to report, customisable.

16th February 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 2
Synchronised with Version
No Further changes.
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16th February 2005 --> Version
Added sorting to web export.
Added Sort By view menu options.
Day Templates changed to Shifts.
Internal changes for international versions.

10th February 2005 --> Version 1.1 Preview 1
First public preview of our next release.
First version to support rule based scheduling.
Limit staff to suitable roles.
Automatically allocate staff to rota and roles.
Analysis reports to assess fairness etc.
Many more automation options.
Note: Help File has not been updated.
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13th December 2004 --> Version
New Toolbars.
Improved and Fixed Web Export.
Reporting improved.
Print Complete Rota added.
Added Diary Indicator.
Improvements to time item creation.
Added Welcome screen.
Added 1 and 3 day views.
Added new preferences and default options.
Added new Reset options.
Added Goto Date option.

2nd October 2004 --> Version
Windows NT 4 support added.

24th September 2004 --> Version
Fixed first run Data File issue

17th September 2004 --> Version
HTML Web Page exporting
New reports
Control of Data File location

4th August 2004 --> Version
Improved Options when defining staff patterns
New Pattern Start Date Option
Localisation Issues

26th July 2004 --> Version
Updated Help File.

23rd July 2004 --> Version
Introduced New Access Levels and password protection for Rota Files

16th July 2004 --> Version
Fixed issues with Comment handling.

13th July 2004 --> Version
Fixed and Updated Help File
Improved Help Access
Other issues (localisation, incorrect behaviours, cosmetic)

4th July 2004 --> Version - Public Release