V4 Solutions

Staff Details - General Tab

Use this page of the Staff Details form to maintain the basic information about the member of staff. Much of the data is self-explanatory, but details for most of the fields follow below.

  • Common Name (mandatory) - This is the name used for the employee in most places within the system. It is important that you create something unique for each employee in a site, otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish between employees in some areas of the system.
  • Employee Type (mandatory) - The Employment Category for the employee. This determines the default working pattern and is used to determine the default number of paid hours which will be allocated to an employee if they are allocated a Paid status for the whole of a day, or if they work when they were not scheduled to work in the rota.
  • Start Date (mandatory) - This is the first date you want the employee to appear on your rota.
  • End Date - The date the employee left/will leave. They will not appear on any rota's after this date, and any existing rota entries beyond this date for the employee will be deleted when the end date is specified.
  • Pay Scale - Used to indicate the Pay Scale for the employee. This is not processed by the system at present.
  • Site (mandatory & fixed) - An employee will be allocated to the site which was selected when Staff Details was selected from the main menu. It cannot be changed.
  • Default Section - Used to manually allocate an employee to a Section whenever they are working. This bypasses the automatic requirement and skills based allocation that the system would usually use to allocate staff to sections. If you select a section and want to clear it, click the Set to None button.